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Helene Royce-Tolland , LCMT, CHTP, Reiki Master Teacher

Integrated Therapies


My practice is dedicated to relieving pain, releasing trauma, reducing stess, and restoring a client’s sense of well being.  Each 90-minute session incorporates muscular therapy, craniosacral therapy and energy work to unwind tension patterns that cause pain, discomfort and fatigue. Sessions support the body’s natural desire to return to ease and vitality and the work is gentle, but effective.

For this reason, sessions are rejuvenating and healthful for anyone at any time. 

Sessions are especially helpful for individuals struggling with:

  1. Bulletpain

  2. Bulletlong-term stress

  3. Bulletrecent or residual trauma

  4. Bulletmajor life changes

  5. Bulletchronic or acute illness. 

They also provide excellent support for clients who are actively engaged in a process of positive change or personal transformation. 

90-minute private sessions...........$75.00